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4 Step Sequencing | Story Sequence | Picture Stories

4 Step Sequencing | Story Sequence | Picture Stories

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⭐ Set of 22 sequencing events and stories with pictures!

⭐ This resource includes 4-step sequences of daily activities and life cycles (e.g. bed routine and frog life cycle stages).

⭐ This activity pack includes sequencing pictures you can use to tell stories, expanding sentences, or practicing memory skills for retelling stories.

📌If you work with multiple levels just buy the 5-step resources and tailor to the child.

✅ 22 stories at the 4-step level
✅ Sequence mats
✅ Sequence pictures in small, medium, and large sizes
✅ Individual worksheets
✅ Bulletin board materials
✅ Cut, stick, and writing materials


Also available individually in 4-step and 5-step activity packs:

3-step stories

5-step stories


Three easy steps:
1. Download,
2. Print,
3. Use! Laminate the cards or print them on card stock for continued use.


Top Tip:
🎯 Print on card or laminate for a longer life!

⭐ What is included?

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⭐ Can I use it for commercial purposes?

No. Commercial use, including resale, is forbidden. This item is sold for personal use only and is © 2024, Resourceible. All rights reserved.

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📌 This resource is a digital pdf download and no physical item will be sent.
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Specialist SLP

Kate Beckett Founder of Resourceible, Specialist SLP, Author of Ultimate Speech Sounds Eliciting Sounds Using 3D Animation.

Kate Beckett

Founder, SLP & Author

Kate is the founder of Resourceible and creator of DARA® (Digitised Automated Realistic Articulator). She is a Specialist SLP who studied Speech and Language Therapy and Nursing at the University of Limerick, Ireland. Kate is an experienced practitioner and fully registered in Ireland, the UK, and America with their respective Speech Therapy Associations, IASLT, RCSLT, and ASHA. She also holds full registration with the Health and Social Care Professional Regulator (CORU). She has clinical experience working in New Zealand, England, and Ireland across both community and acute hospital settings, in the public and private sectors and with adult and pediatric students.

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Printable PDF speech therapy games for SLPs

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) incorporate games as an essential component of therapy, using them to enhance learning through play.

Building Rapport and Overcoming Unfamiliarity: Establishing a connection with the child is crucial at the beginning of therapy, especially when there may be initial hesitancy due to unfamiliarity with the SLP. Playing games proves to be an effective way to ease this hesitation, fostering a sense of fun and laughter.

Sense of Accomplishment: Games provide children with a platform to experience success during therapy. Through errorless learning, children can feel a sense of control, particularly when they take on the role of teaching the SLP how to play. This dynamic encourages confidence and active participation.

Addressing Challenges: Confronting speech or language difficulties can be daunting for children who fear making mistakes. Games contribute to creating a positive balance by infusing an element of enjoyment into the learning process.

Beyond Therapy Goals: Games offer an avenue for additional learning beyond the specific therapy goals, encompassing social skills and turn-taking, contributing to holistic development.

Enhancing Motor Skills: Many games involve the manipulation of small pieces, providing the additional benefit of practicing fine motor skills while engaging in enjoyable activities.

Why was Resourceible founded?

To help SLPs save time! Many speech pathologists make amazing resources, but no one has brought everyone together on one platform dedicated for SLPs. Our goal is to be the global go-to marketplace for digital speech therapy resources. An international community of SLPs helping SLPs.

How much does it cost to join Resourceible?

How much does it cost to join Resourceible?

For Buyers

It is FREE to join Resourceible and it is FREE to download FREE resources – no catches. Your buyer account will always be free. You may choose to buy a resource using your free account and or only use the free resources.

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Sellers also have access to a free account (Basic Account) with the option to upgrade to a Premium Seller account ($59.99/year) for additional benefits. Learn more about our seller memberships HERE.

Where did Resourceible get it’s name?

The suffix ‘ible’, means ‘able to be’, which perfectly represents our vision. All our resources are able to be used within the speech therapy community and out resource can help children able to be their best selves.

How do I find free resources on Resourceible?

There are three ways to find free resources.

1. Type ‘free’ into the search bar at the top of every page.

2. Select ‘free’ in the price filter on the left.

3. Sort search results by price in ascending order.

How is Resourceible different to TPT?

Unlike TPT, Resourceible is specifically for SLPs. TPT does a great job for teachers, but we think SLPs deserve our own dedicated specialist platform!




I am using this to help a child with a speech delay. This resource has been extremely helpful and I have seen great improvement in his speech!!!





Kerry S.

Kerry S.


This is great to use with my student. My 4th grade student who is Autistic found it very engaging and with the pictures it kept him on task!

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