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I set up this platform so we can save time and energy for the important stuff - helping children! Resourceible offers a unique global space for speech therapists and SLPAs to purchase and sell their original digital resources. All resources are instantly downloadable enabling an international exchange of materials and activities! Join our thriving
community where SLPs unite to exchange their expertise, ideas, and creative inspirations!


During COVID lockdown I was needed speech sound models in different accents. So I used the time to create DARA® (Digitised Automated Realistic Articulator). DARA® is child avatar that teaches speech sounds using full face animation in a frontal and lateral view for both consonants and vowels (monophthongs and diphthongs). DARA® is available in 7 English speaking accents including: American, Australian, Canadian, Irish, English (RP), New Zealand, and South African! DARA® is available in an app. Find out more here.


My book 'Ultimate Speech Sounds: Eliciting Sounds Using 3D Animation' was published by Routledge Speechmark Publishers in January 2024.

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