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Resourceible is a ground breaking platform that allows speech therapists to set up their own resource shops and generate passive income. Why let your amazing resources sit on the computer? Make them available for purchase to therapists all around the world with Resourceible! Join today!

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How do I get started?

How do I sell on Resourceible?

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Who can start selling?

You can sell on Resourceible if you are a Speech Therapist, Speech Therapy Assistant, or Teacher. is a marketplace for original content created by professionals. Resources may include therapy resources, clinic décor, professional development materials, and supplies for content creation such as therapy worksheets, digital activities, and instructional guides.

What is passive income?

Passive income refers to a stream of revenue generated with minimal ongoing effort after the initial setup. In the context of speech therapy resources, passive income entails the simple act of uploading resources to the Resourceible platform. Once uploaded, these resources become readily available for sale without the need for continuous work or active involvement. This allows speech therapists to earn passive income while focusing on other aspects of their profession or pursuing other interests.

How do I get started?

⭐ Sign up! - To your membership

⭐ Set up! - Get your shop set up

⭐ Load up! - Upload your resources to your shop

Simply get your annual membership here, register for your account, tell us how you want to be paid, and then begin uploading your resources to your own store. You are free to set your own prices, offer sales, and discover strategies to promote and market your store. Resourceible handles order processing and provides assistance with customer support, making it easier for speech therapists to focus on creating and sharing your valuable resources.

How do I set up my store?

Personalize your store with your store name, logo, and store banner. Then start uploading your pdf resources adding a product thumbnail and a description. You can also fill in the product tags so that your items will be found more easily. You can edit, change, or update your products any time, and you are in charge of how much you charge.

How do I get paid?

You sell your resources on a commission basis. You make 80% of your sales while 20% goes to Resourceible for uses such as marketing and promotion. You are free to advertise your Resourceible store on your own social media channels if you wish. Payments are currently offered through PayPal and direct bank transfers.

What does it cost?

An annual membership fee of $79.95 gives you access to the Resourceible hub. This is the only fee you pay for a one year membership.

What do you get?

In addition to our marketplace, Resourceible will also advertize and sell your resources on:

⭐ Google

⭐ Instagram

⭐ Facebook

⭐ Pinterest

➕ Free access to Canva Pro graphics suite with 15+ Billion designs for you to use

All you have to do is list your resources on you Resourceible shop and we do the rest!

Which countries do sellers live in?

Resourceible is an open marketplace and we welcome sellers from all over the world. The majority of buyers are English speakers so most resources on the platform are in English. However, you are welcome to post resources in any language. Use the product tags to highlight which language your resource in is.

What should I do if I want to stop selling?

If you are no longer interested in being a seller and wish to delete your store simply contact us below. There is no fee invloced in deleting your shop. You own the resources you have made so make sure you keep a copy. Once they are deleted, they can not be retrieved!

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