Christmas gift ideas 2023 for children with speech delay and children with language disorders.

The Christmas season is a magical time for children, filled with excitement and the joy of receiving gifts. For parents and caregivers of children with speech and language delays, selecting toys that are both educational and enjoyable is crucial. The right toys can aid in the development of language skills, making learning an engaging and positive experience. Below, we will explore some of the best Christmas gift ideas for children with speech and language delays, focusing on toys that foster skills for younger and older children.

Younger Children: Matching, Sorting and Categorization Toys:

For younger children with speech and language delays, toys that encourage matching and sorting are excellent choices. These activities not only enhance cognitive skills but also provide an opportunity for language development. Consider gifts such as:

  1. Shape Sorters: These toys typically come with different shapes that need to be matched and sorted into corresponding holes, promoting visual discrimination and fine motor skills.
  2. Animal Matching Puzzles: Puzzles featuring animals and babies can be both entertaining and educational, fostering language skills related to animals and their characteristics.
  3. Picture Sorting Games: Look for games that involve sorting pictures into categories, such as food items, animals, or everyday objects. This can improve vocabulary and categorization abilities.
  4. Building Blocks: While building, children can learn to categorize blocks based on size, shape, and color. This fosters spatial reasoning, language development, recognition and expression of colors.
  5. Zingo: This game can be played by just matching the pictures and encourages turn-taking and visual recognition skills.

Older Children: Describing, Recalling, and Sentence-Level Answers:

For older children with speech and language delays, gifts that encourage more advanced language skills are ideal. Consider options that involve describing, recalling information, and forming sentence-level answers:

  1. Story Cubes: These dice feature images that prompt storytelling. Encourage your child to create stories, helping with vocabulary, sentence structure, and narrative skills.
  2. Memory Games: Choose memory games that involve recalling pairs of matching cards. This not only enhances memory but also encourages verbal expression as children recall where specific cards are located.
  3. Board Games with Open-Ended Questions: Opt for board games that include open-ended questions, promoting conversation and critical thinking. Games that involve discussing scenarios or answering questions encourage the use of complete sentences.
  4. Guess Who: This game is great for children to practice descriptive words, the process of elimination, working memory, auditory processing, questioning and answering, prepositions, and grammar.
  5. Hedbandz: This activity is highly effective for enhancing vocabulary, honing the skill of describing things in detail, practicing the art of posing and answering questions, and refining the ability to process and retain information in short-term memory.


This Christmas, consider giving the gift of both joy and learning to children with speech and language delays. The right toys can make a significant impact on their cognitive and language development, turning playtime into an opportunity for growth. By selecting gifts that cater to their specific needs, you can contribute to a holiday season filled with laughter, learning, and positive language experiences. Merry Christmas from everyone here at Resourceible!

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